Domestic Violence Prevention Is Everyone’s Job
The Association for the Prevention of Family Violence is asking the community to help name and raise awareness for the new domestic violence shelter. To serve the needs of ALL communities in our county.

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Walworth County, Wisconsin, September 17th, 2017—The Association for Prevention of Family Violence (APFV) is seeing a significant increase in the number of families experiencing domestic violence in Walworth County.

In 2016 the APFV helped over 700 families who were affected by domestic violence. This translates to 1,820 individuals (Women and children) that were helped in Walworth County last year, and these numbers are expected to rise.

When helping these individuals and families, one of the toughest issues our organization faces-is finding emergency shelter for people who are escaping domestic violence.

Because domestic abuse is present in all communities within Walworth County, and because the number of affected families keeps rising, APFV has decided to build a domestic violence shelter to directly counteract the problem.

Our goal is to have an emergency shelter for domestic violence victims built and running by 2020.

The shelter will provide three levels of support for those who are in need. The first level, will help with housing families who are currently in crisis and fleeing their home and the abuser. The second level, well help them transition from crisis to a transitional support. Transitional support will provide a mini apartments to each family for 3-6 months. This time frame will be used by to stabilize the families so that they can begin healing from the trauma. The last and third stage, will allow all families within Walworth county to access the APFV and for APFV to provide daily programming to help victims and their families.

We are inviting the community to enter a contest to name the new domestic violence shelter.

The contest starts August 30th, and it will close on Sunday, October 1st, which is the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The winning submission will be announced at a fundraising dinner on Wednesday, October 25th at Simple Café in Lake Geneva.

Each email address can submit only one entry, so make it your best! To submit a name for consideration, please visit

The Association for Prevention of Family Violence feels it is important to give the community an opportunity to be part of this wonderful project. It’s a chance for all of us to come together and make a positive change.

Help us name and raise awareness for the new domestic violence shelter … to serve the needs of ALL communities in our county.

Together we can stop domestic violence.

About the Association for the Prevention of Family Violence.

Our non-profit organization has been active in Walworth County for 39 years.

We help victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and stalking.

Family members of victims can be affected and need help, too.

The Executive Director of APFV, Heidi Lloyd, is available for interviews about the kickoff of our capital campaign with the “Name the Shelter” contest.

Contact: Heidi Lloydhlloyd@apfvwalworth.com262-723-4653 (office)

APFV Press Release-9-17-17

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