Community advocates wanted

As the holiday season is here we would like to thank everyone who has helped us spread the word about the need for a domestic violence shelter in our community. This build will help women and children in our community escape domestic and sexual abuse. Together we can provide them with a safe place where they can receive the help that they need and have a new beginning. 

We would like to encourage the community to continue to help us spread the word. If you would like to help us, here are a few things you can do to further this worthy cause.

  1. Like us on Facebook, like and comment on posts, and, most importantly, share our content. We want to reach as many people in our community as we can. Sharing a post is a good way to reach others in the community.
  2. Volunteer. If you have the ability, we would love your help. To volunteer, please contact the Association for the Prevention of Family Violence. You can visit their website here, or call them at this number (262) 723-4653.
  3. Have a conversation with your friends and family. Talk to family and friends about APFV, the shelter build, and the need. We need people in the community to start asking questions and have conversations to help build our momentum.
  4. Financial support. Please consider donating to our mission. Every dollar helps abuse victims in Walworth County become survivors. To donate please click here.

Thank you again for visiting and thank you for being a part of this build.

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